Annual Enrollment:

October 15 th- december 7 th


Avoid extra phone calls and paperwork, the government requires, by joining Medicare when you turn 65.

"We can do this together! I want to be the only agent you ever have."


Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans: pays what is not covered by Medicare, gives you a predictable budget and options for a full coverage medical and hospital plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to ENROLL - CLICK HERE


Part D Prescription Drug Plans - required with your Original Medicare health plan and may be included in a Medicare Advantage health plan.


"Would you like to know how the insurance companies are covering your medication?" 

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Medicare Advantage Plans- uses a network of doctors and all of your health care professionals communicate about your health.

"Veterans using VA prescriptions may use a buy back plan to get part of Part B premiums credited to their Social Security checks."



 Extra help begins if income is less than $1507 a month ($2,030 for a married couple) and you may have up to $13,820 in resources ($27,600 for a married couple). 

Programs may include Part B, $135.50 a month.